Described as a ‘natural alternative to Botox’, this anti-aging super serum is set to rock the world of skincare and cosmetics. 

Developed by Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Mark McAuliffe and Skincare + Beauty Expert, Bethrene Laurenson, this newly formulated anti-aging serum relaxes muscles naturally, relieving the signs of aging, improving wrinkles and fine lines.

Mark McAuliffe, practitioner and owner of Therapeutix, a Perth based Acupuncture + Wellness Clinic and Bethrene Laurenson, Founder and Creative Director of WILDHEART [wellbeing] Skincare announced today that “there is now no need to choose between something that’s natural and something that works when it comes to reducing wrinkles.”

Mark adds “Clinical trials show that plant peptides such as Argireline and Matrixyl 3000 significantly improve the condition of the human skin.  A clinical study on females demonstrated that after just two months of treatment with Matrixyl 3000, the surface occupied by deep wrinkles was reduced by 45%, and the skin’s tonicity increased by nearly 20%.

                                         .ANTI-AGING SUPER SERUM, wildheart wellbeing

Our dose effective formulation includes both of these powerful peptides plus Pure Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B, Aloe Vera and Green Tea, making it a powerhouse of natural goodness for anti-aging.

This natural alternative ticks all the right boxes by eliminating the many adverse reactions to Botulinum Toxin, whilst still delivering the anti-aging results women have come to expect.

Applied topically to the skin at least once a day this Super Boost Serum is an easy, safe and effective way to combat the signs of aging especially when compared to often pricey and invasive injections.

The skincare industry continues to create products to provide effective treatments that can be used at home.  Harnessing Mother Nature’s goodness with natural and organic ingredients, blended with peptides developed from some of the world’s latest scientific research enables us to bring this super serum to the world.”

WILDHEART [wellbeing] SUPER BOOST Serum is available from their online store and from selected retail outlets, spas, salons and skincare professionals.

For further information, Mark McAuliffe and Bethrene Laurenson can be reached at

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